Thursday, 17 January 2008

Your Diabetes Diet

Your Diabetes Diet

Your diabetes diet may be hard to follow when the holidays roll through, but it is necessary to pay close attention to what you eat. Eat plenty of high fiber, whole grain complex carbohydrates such as wholemeal bread, rice, pasta, oatmeal, bran, and other unrefined cereals for your diabetes diet.

For many years of observation, olive oil has been researched and studied to show benifits in the diet of someone with diabetes. Your diabetes diet is one way to start controlling the disease besides the other countless tools that assist to treat the condition.

So, it is essential for you to pay careful attention towards diabetes diet and nutrition as part of your diabetes treatment course. A well balanced and nutritious diet has the potential to reduce the harmful effects of type 2 diabetes. According to American Diabetes Association, diabetes type 2 diet should include lots of vegetables and fruits.

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