Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Diabetes in Children

Diabetes in Children

With the rise in diabetes in children we have seen the increase for the use of home supplys for emergency conditions. When it comes time for the test make sure you do it as quickly as possible and let the child resume normal activities right after the test is complete

So your child will be prepared it is a good idea to discuss and teach the signs of low blood sugar to your child Have everyone eat the same food so that the child won’t be left out and the family can have the benefit of eating healthy food

Some of the children are at a higher risk than others, With child diabetes, some of the daily responsibilities can include blood glucose tests, insulin injections, meal planning and treating low blood pressure To avoid low blood sugars at night it may be a good idea to do extra testing at night before bed

Lots of the food consumed by the children have high salt or sugar in them, this not being a good product for the children to have, which does not help their diabetes.