Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Child Diabetes: How To Help Your Child Cope

When there is a case of child diabetes, not only does the child suffer but the family does as well. With child diabetes, some of the daily responsibilities can include blood glucose tests, insulin injections, meal planning and treating low blood pressure depending on the type of diabetes your child suffers from. After the initial diagnosis, it is perfectly normal to feel both anxious and overwhelmed. However, since children notice these emotions it is important to keep them in check for your child.

Child Diabetes Testing Tips
If your child has trouble with needles then it is best to prepare the testing supplies where they cannot see them. When it comes time for the test make sure you do it as quickly as possible and let the child resume normal activities right after the test is complete. If a child is fine with the testing process then perhaps you can allow them to take part by doing such tasks as wiping the spot with alcohol or select which finger to use for testing. Your child will be calmed by having a sense of control over the testing process.

Mealtime Tips
Child diabetes can be especially challenging for a child when it comes to mealtime. If possible, it is best to make mealtime a calm and pleasant experience. Avoid choosing food for your child and expecting them to eat it, rather it is best to provide your child with a few food choices so they can still eat healthy but not feel forced to do so. Have everyone eat the same food so that the child won’t be left out and the family can have the benefit of eating healthy food.

Signs Of Low Blood Sugar In Child Diabetes
Despite all the efforts on behalf of parents, children with diabetes are still going to have low blood sugar from time to time. A sign of low blood sugar may be a change from a child’s normal behavior. If children become more irritable thank usual or are becoming sleepy during a time they normally don’t then this can be a good indication that their blood sugar is getting low.

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